Moore Art Design & web is a small freelance business in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My specialty is getting your business noticed. Moore Art can provide your business with design, graphics, illustration, interactive Flash and multimedia, including web design & development. Working closely with your business, listening to your ideas, and committing my best to you helps me form long lasting business relationships. This is the key to successful designs solutions that will exceed your expectations. Moore Art is committed to delivering high quality graphic design and website development while staying cost effective. Web design can include many aspects such as, web design, website setup, site maintenance, or collaboration. Moore Art can help in all these areas.

I take a slightly different approach to design. When it comes to your business I want to help you stand out from the crowd. Moore Art is a full service design business, everything from logo design to full blown corporate identity. This includes all types of media advertising. When I don't know the solution to a problem I rely on a large network of professionals to get you the answers and the services that you need.

I am a combination Web Designer, Graphic Artist, and Illustrator with a strong background in web and print media. I am knowledgeable in most software related to web and graphic design and better than proficient in Adobe Suite software, QuarkXPress, HTML, CSS, Java script and many others. I have extensive experience in art direction, web design, graphic design and pre-press production with a demonstrated ability to meet deadlines, produce high impact visuals, work independently, and reliably. I also have the proven ability to work with people at all levels of a project, the knowledge to see the job through from start to finish and I may jump a tall building every now or then.

Samples of work done for Animal Accents